Big up Veggiepicks

If you are looking for a restaurant with nice vegetarian options?

If you need a place where you could enjoy a dinner to suit both vegan and non vegan friends?

We have found the solution and it is called Veggiepicks.

Veggiepicks is not a restaurant but thousands of restaurants!

All nicely bundled in this up and coming new little website
Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 12.58.16 AM
It is already pretty awesome. The design is super neat, the map has pretty cool features, you can already find plenty of places in greater New York, Paris and San Francisco, you can even find a restaurant in Iceland! The content seems growing day after day.

Oh and if you have a restaurant with vegetarian/vegan options, you should definitely use Veggiepicks to get the word out there. You will definitely see some new happy clients come ask for your veggies!

So let’s go, try it out:

I have nothing else to say than Thank you and Big up VeggiePicks!