Take some mushrooms!

Forget the drugs, forget the hallucinations. We are talking about healthy mushrooms here, look at these guys:

Not only they are pretty, they are also incredibly amazing.

Also known as Ling-zhi, Reishi mushrooms are a symbol of longevity. Tons of studies have proved that Reishi is a natural solution for liver detoxification & rejuvenation, high blood pressure, arthritis, immune system support and regulation, cancer support, allergy support, anti-depression, anti-aging and many more.

Chinese medicine now includes therapy with reishi for fatigue, asthma , insomnia, and cough.

I invite you to try it for at least 10 days and see if you feel any different. Just make sure that you buy the wild ones. Look for capsules or teas where it says mountain-grown Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) from the deep hills of Asia.

These mushrooms are also cultivated in North America. You can try to buy them fresh in farmer’s market and make tea out of it.

Also look here for more info: http://www.reishi.com/

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