Stop buying bottles of water!

Here are few reasons why you should think twice before buying a bottle:

  1. why would you spend money for water? Water should be free, don’t you think?
  2. bottled water is not necessary healthier than tap water. Even if it is from a pristine source, it’s just H2O. Also a lot of water company just take tap water and filter it or “clean” it with ultraviolet and then sell it for more than thousand times its cost!
  3. the plastic bottles are killing our planet. You drink and throw your bottle in a few minutes, but it takes thousands of year for it to disappear. It might stick around for a millennium and release toxins in the soil.
  4. the worst part is that these bottles are barely recycled. They are sent far away to countries such as India where they just sit there and cause huge environmental issues
  5. This same toxin can be harmful for your body as well. If the bottle stays too long in the heat or has been around for a long time, it can definitely create some toxins. I don’t think you want to risk that.

Basically, you should just think twice before spending your money for water. Why can’t you just buy a filter at home and walk around with a cool looking re-usable water bottle. You have all kind of them, different colors, different shapes, it’s fun and it’s free and it’s healthy and it protects the planet and the future generations. Wouldn’t that make you feel better?

Check out this video for more details

As a filter, internationally known Brita seems to work well. Otherwise you have this one that is a bit fancier but made with biodegradable material, some people even recommend a simple clay filter. Look up online, ask around and make the choice that suits you better.