Turmeric (curcuma) is good for you!

turmericEven though it is not always easy to find the turmeric root, you can buy turmeric powder in most stores. Make sure you buy it 100% natural and organic and start using it if it’s not the case already! Turmeric is more than good for you. Below are some examples of its benefits:

  1. It has anti-inflammatory effects (great remedy for stomach pain)
  2. It improves your memory and activates your brain functions
  3. it promotes a healthy skin
  4. It is a great anti-oxidant
  5. It can prevent from cancer and Alzheimer
  6. It boosts weight loss and detox
  7. It lowers your risk of heart disease
  8. It helps with depression
  9. It is a great anti-aging agent

It is really important to include it in your diet. One thing to know is that turmeric is a fat soluble nutrient. This means that it digests better and provided all the good benefits to your body when associated with a fatty ingredients. Just make sure that you use some coconut oil or black pepper with it. When used in cooking, you can also use olive oil. It is also delicious sprinkled on a fresh avocado toast along with black pepper!

You can use it as a spice in a meal,  in a smoothie, a soup, etc. If you get it as a supplement in a capsule form, make sure you get the bioperine as it allows a better absorption of curcumin (main active ingredient in turmeric).

You can even make a mask by mixing it with milk and honey (1 tsp each). It will make you look radiant, rejuvenated young and fresh!

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