The power of flowers

Who doesn’t like flowers, really?

Not only are they beautiful and make people calm and happy when you offer them, they can also bring you a lot of benefits just by being there in your home.

A lot of studies have proven that having flowers in your home increase happiness, reduces depression and anxiety and can increase emotional contact with friends and family, they are a key ingredient for our soul.

So once in a while, buy flowers for yourself, it’s good for you! Any occasion is good to bring flowers to your friends and family. Who cares about the meaning and colors, just do what you feel. I just get inspired by thinking about the person I am buying them for: white/purple for a delicate sweet friend, for someone who needs to relax, who needs some peace, yellow/orange for an energetic person or someone who needs a little kick,…In any case, there are so many different flowers, so many different combinations, it’s fun!

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And for those who worry about the fact that the flowers will die in a few days and think it’s useless. So what? We are going to die too! Just enjoy the present moment.