Don’t get cold : have some astragalus!

Yes it is possible to stroll through the winter without getting sick!

First of all, you need to eat well balanced meals, drink a lot of water, get enough sleep and exercise. That’s the usual healthy formula. Then, you definitely need some extra energy in the winter to get over the cold, stress and fatigue this weather has a tendency to bring us.

So stop complaining and start acting! One of our favorite year-round companions is Astragalus. Let me introduce you.

Astragalus is a root that has been used for centuries in Chinese traditional medicine. Its benefits are pretty incredible:

  • It is an amazing immune booster thanks to its ability to increase your number of white blood cells and create a resistance to viruses and bacterias
  • It is a natural remedy for cold and flu
  • It has proven anti-aging properties. Astragalus has this amazing capacity to protect your DNA from degradation and bring you longevity. In fact, it protects the telomeres, those little guys attached to the end of our chromosomes. During the DNA replication process, telomeres keep the DNA together (like how the plastic caps on the end of shoelaces keep them from unraveling). Every time DNA replicates, the telomeres get slightly shorter and eventually when they get too small, the process of cell death begins, which is synonymous with aging and can cause cancer. Astragalus prevents that! Pretty cool huh?!
  • It helps you get rid of your liver toxins
  • It brings you energy and a clear mind
  • it might also protect you from heart disease

You can have a capsule a day (can be found in any health food store, Whole Foods, etc), buy it in tea form and drink it every day. You can also find astragalus powder which you can add in your smoothies, soups, etc

Always, better be safe than sorry!

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