What is the best coconut water?

For the past couple of years, coconut water has been invading stores,  billboards, many people’s life all over the western world.

yes it’s refreshing, it hydrates your body, it can be helpful in case of digestive issues, it has low calories compared to sodas or other juices (8 oz = 45 to 60 calories), it helps reduce the sodium and increase the potassium in your body. But have you ever paid attention to the package or looked up how all these brands are making them? Obviously, the best coconut water is the one you get straight from the young coconut. If you are not in a tropical country, you can find them in the states for $5 in Caribbean stores or at this cool guy’s truck on Bedford and Atlantic in Brooklyn. Then you have all these brands flooding the supermarkets: Zico, Naked, Vita Coco, Goya, etc. Well none of these are really good for you. Why?

  1. Zico is owned by Coca Cola. Naked juice is owned by Pepsico. Both companies have spent millions of dollars to fight against GMO labels in order to hide any of their shady activities.
  2. Most of them are pasteurized, meaning that they are heated at very high temperature in order to kill the bacteria and extend their life so they can sit for months sometimes years in the store!
  3. Some brands use mature coconut instead of the young ones. This is a complete scam as mature ones have a less nicer taste and practically zero nutrients
  4. Some brands also add natural flavors (all the Zico’s flavored ones), which is absolutely unnecessary. Nature is already providing us an amazingly tasty fruit, why spoil it with weird sweeteners. That means they got crappy old coconuts and are trying to mask the taste in order to sell them just as real young coconut…Sad!

Please buy only this brand Harmless Harvest, it’s the best you can find in the US, it’s 100% raw, organic and soooo tasty! Screen Shot 2015-08-08 at 1.46.36 PM and other brands that mentions 100 %natural, young coconut, unpasteurized and organic if you can. Putting a little more money to keep you healthy is worth it!

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