The secret of chocolate and mucuna

We are so blessed to be able to travel around Costa Rica for the past months. Everyday is a new discovery.

Last week, we found the best chocolate we have ever had in our life. Seriously!  The secret is kept here in Puerto Viejo, on the Southern Caribbean coast of the country.

If you can go to Puerto Viejo, just make sure that you do not miss the Saturday morning farmer’s market. You will be spoiled with fruits, fresh coconuts, homemade treats and a variety of raw CHOCOLATE!

There is actually a chocolate festival coming up in Puerto Viejo on Oct 31, it will be like heaven in heaven!

First of all, forget about all the “fake” crappy chemical chocolates you have grown up with. We are talking about real raw dark chocolate here: the one that comes straight from the cacao fruit and is naturally processed in the country where it grows.

Our favorite ones were these chocolates made by Peter and Ancel from Finca la Isla, the Botanical Garden in Puerto Viejo.

Ancel is super creative with her chocolates, the ones you see on the photo have some incredible ingredients (she makes the packaging too!) :

  • Afro (beta) has cinnamon, galangal, chili, mucuna, ginger
  • A beautiful day has durian and mucuna
  • a third one (which we wish we bought) has banana, achiote, black pepper, turkey tail mushroom

Believe me, they are incredible!!!

We also got some chocolate made with mucuna from this amazing man from Finca Integral de Loroco.

Ok so what’s this mucuna all about?!

Well, we did not know much about it until we  started talking to the farmers about it and we realized how amazing nature is. Mucuna:

  • promotes your brain health by increasing the level of dopamine
  • improves your mood and provides a feeling of well being
  • relieves from stress and treats depression
  • helps digestion
  • treats insomnia
  • is an aphrodisiac and increases sexual stamina, sensation, libido, and blood vessel dilation for better fertility for both men and women!

Wooh! This along with cacao, you can imagine the result 🙂

Remember, like anything, even though these are natural products, don’t over consume. We warned you 🙂

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