Mamey Sapote Smoothie


My life is not the same anymore since I went to Costa Rica…

I have been a fruit lover since I am little thanks to my dad who used to (and still does) buy us all kinds of fruits. Back then, my favorites were pomegranate, mango, jackfruit,etc

I feel so blessed and also sad for people who are used to eating only apples, oranges and bananas. I like those fruits too but come on there is so much more to taste and discover! Get out of your house, go explore the Asian markets, the Latin stores, buy some radiant, unknown fruits and share it with your friends!

This is how I discovered mamey sapote! It is so good that it almost feels like a sin when you eat it. It tastes like pumpkin pie if I had to compare it to something but sincerely it’s incomparable, you have to try it on your own and…I bet you will love it 🙂

Usually when I love a fruit, I would rather eat it whole than to put it in a smoothie, but hey I made an exception and it came out amazing!

Mamey Sapote Smoothie

  • Difficulty: easy
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1 mamey

2 bananas

1 date

a pinch of cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

a handful of ice

1 cup water


it doesn’t get easier than this : mix all in a blender until well combined cheers and drink right away!


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