Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

Ladies and Gentlemen, this mousse is made without egg, white sugar or butter! And it’s still delicious. But what’s in it?! Well here you go.

Raw Vegan Chocolate Mousse

  • Difficulty: easy
  • Print

All you need is a blender or food processor and to mix all these ingredients for a minute or two until it is well blended!

– 2 ripe hass avocados (yes don’t be scared!)
– 1/3 cup nut milk (I used almond)
– 1/2 cup cacao powder
– 2 70% dark chocolate square melted with 1 Tbsp of nut milk
– 1 tsp vanilla extract
– 1 or 2 tsp almond meal
– 1 tsp cane sugar
– a pinch of salt

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