Beyond Sushi – New York City

New York, New York
I want to wake up
In that city that doesn’t sleep
And find these awesome sushi, top of the list

If Franck Sinatra was still alive, I bet he would go to Beyond Sushi.

This is my favorite sushi place in the world so far and yes it is 100% plant-based! Hey, hang on non-veg people, this is not a boring vegetarian sushi spot, it’s a special place where I have taken some of your people and they liked it! Some of you even said that it tastes like tuna roll!!!

Ah, I remember those pre-BeyondSushi days where eating sushi rolls, as a vegetarian, was rarely very exciting. I usually had the choice between the AAC roll (avocado-aspargus-cucumber), the mango-carrot roll, or sometimes if I felt a bit crazy, the sweet potato tempura roll…

And then in July 2012, Beyond Sushi opened their doors near Union Square and they seriously changed my life!

Their signature rolls are made from various grains such as six-grains rice or black rice, different vegetables and fruits and delightful secret homemade sauces. They truly have a magical twist that brings an amazing texture and a unique taste to each of their rolls. They also have many other exciting things on their menu such as hand rolls, salads, soups,dumplings, raw energy balls, chia puddings…

hand roll

And they do a cool thing every month where they make a roll of the month with seasonal products. That’s a good reason to go at least once a month. The good news is that it will not hurt your wallet: one roll costs less than $7!

If you go for the first time, I would recommend the mighty mushroom and the spicy mang, my two favorites!

photo by

They have 3 locations in New York now.

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 5.16.53 PM.png

So wherever you are in New York, I hope you get to try it one day.

Beyond Sushi is more than a sushi place to me, it’s like a message to the world that we can be more green and conscious and play a roll in helping the planet. The person who chose this name was a visionary, it is definitely Beyond sushi!

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