Hank – Vegan burger in Paris

I have been pretty much away from Paris for the past five years and now that I am back, I am pleased to find that many vegan spots have popped-up all over the city.

I don’t know yet if it is more a fashion thing or a real awakening and attraction to a healthier living but it looks like this place is ran by smart, conscious and fun people. Great news for me and you! Now we can take our vegan and non vegan friends out here and make them discover the pleasure of eating well, staying healthy and saving the planet by eating less meat.

And seriously who doesn’t like burgers?!

So here we are in the center of Le Marais.


Behind this door, a tiny space where one person makes the burger while another takes the order in a very friendly vibe.


If you eat here, you can sit at the few bar tables downstairs or the hippie-cosy space upstairs. If it’s nice out, i suggest you take it away and go eat it in one of the nice little hidden gardens of Le Marais.

There are lots of cool thing about this place. First, the concept that is adding a laid-back vegan spot in Paris where not only the food is healthy but also the cutlery, the tables, the chairs. Everything is recyclable and made  from recycled wood! Then, the prices are pretty reasonable compared to most of the vegan places in Paris. Of course, Hank is definitely on the fast food side but if you can share your fries with a friend : 10 euros for a healthy meal in Paris is not bad! And lots of the ingredients are organic!

Here is their current menu.

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 10.16.49 AM.png

I haven’t tried them all yet but my favorite so far is Le Petit Nerveux. I know it’s weird it has tortilla chips inside but it works 🙂DSC_0413.JPG

Anything I didn’t like? Maybe the bun that could be slightly smaller and…their playlist but I am very picky with music 🙂

Go give it a try and tell me how it was for you!

Address: 55 rue des Archives, 75003 Paris France

Oh and if you wonder who hank is, I looked it up and it’s not the owner’s name at all! The place is ran by French people and Hank means : Have a nice karma.

Why not?! 🙂




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