Miznon : Better than a falafel – Paris

There are some places like that, where you feel good right away.

It’s something in the atmosphere that feels familiar and cosy.

If you add to this succulent food available for vegan, vegetarians and non-vegetarians: bingo!!

Welcome to Miznon! Placed right by the so-called best falafels in Paris, this restaurant has a thing to celebrate vegetables from the decor to the pita.


Everything here is made fresh and à la demande. My favorite is the ratatouille pita (that can be ordered with no egg). Get ready for a delicious explosion of flavor in your mouth.

If you still have room, you can try one of their side vegetable such as the grilled artichoke or also one of their dessert pita!

A must go whenever you visit Le Marais

Restaurant Miznon
22 Rue des Écouffes
Paris 4
TEL: +33 1 42 74 83 58
SUBWAY: Saint-Paul, Hôtel de Ville

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