La cueillette près de Paris

If you live in Paris and you are looking for something unusual to do, I have an idea for you: how about you go ad pick some fruits and vegetables!


I have discovered this awesome place thanks to my sister last week-end. It’s called Chapeau de Paille. Started in 1985, they have 30 farms all around France, 10 of them are around Paris and they are open from April to November.

Screen Shot 2016-06-03 at 4.16.57 AM

The concept is very nice: you can walk around the farm, taste and pick whatever you like and you simply pay for what you chose at the end. The prices are slightly lower than in a supermarket and you get the privilege of going back home with real farm fresh produce!

fresh spinach
Fresh picked rhubarb
pears coming soon

No need to tell you that it’s a cool way of getting out of the city, discovering new fruits & vegetables and reconnecting with nature!

Pull the rhubarb!
Say hi to the neighbors


Check out their website to see what is in season. Their last blog post says “Malgré la pluie, les fraises sont arrivées!” –> Strawberry baby!!


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